My Process & Sample Deliverables

"I utilize a Lean UX process so I can bring a product to light faster."
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1. Discovery

I conduct interviews and gather vital information so I have a clear understanding of a project business and user goals, constraints, users, competitors and key stakeholders as well as any existing data (logs, analytics…) on a product.

2. Research

I perform qualitative and quantitative research on a product (amount depends on how much information I have up front) to help get a clear view of the 'real' user issues with a product and determine possible solutions to fix them.

3. Plan

I compile and analyze data from my research either collaboratively during a brainstorm session or by myself. I determine the best product flows, structures and interactions for their users while working closely with key stakeholders.

4. Design & Test

I create visuals of the product to aid in testing and development while considering design patterns and principles, business goals and user needs. Then I test users using a prototype. I'll repeat this process until I reach desired goals.

5. Develop

After the design has been tested and approved, I hand it off to the development team for them to program and post live for customers to use. In some cases, I will develop the UI myself using Bootstrap and coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

6. Evaluate

Once a product is launched, I monitor its analytics, logs as well as question users regarding it so I can measure the success of a new design and identify any areas that may require improvement. I'll save the information for the next iteration.
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